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Sandeep Maheshwari Inspirational & Life Quotes | Success Story



Sandeep Maheshwari Inspirational & Life Quotes | MySoul Quotes

Sandeep Maheshwari – “Success comes from experience……”

Sandeep Maheshwari is motivational speaker born on September 28, 1980. To use the opportunities and way of looking life is his trade mark. He generally says “on the off chance that you are NOT AFRAID of losing, it’s not possible for anyone to ever beat you. When Sandeep was 13 year old his father bought a moped (two-wheeler) for him. In the year 1994-1995 he rented the moped for Rs. 50 per hour excluding fuel expenses. He gained a profit at the teen age and developed a business idea.

Initial failures

In the year 1999 Sandeep organized a New year party named ‘DIX 2000’. He was in  profit of Rs. 50,000 in this event. His partner cheated him. Time passed away and he started modeling dropped out his studies from Kirori Mal college, where he found the exploitation on a large scale.


How can we fight with the struggle is a key to success? Sandeep Maheswari was struggling in his life but he never gave up. He did the photography course and purchased a camera and started making the portfolios of the models. He didn’t find the model for portfolio as he was new. How to increase the popularity in modeling was a real challenge. In his journey, Sandeep Maheshwari joined Japan Life a MLM and after few months he started earning Rs. 1 lakh per month. Maheswari was not satisfied with it and opened his company in the year 2002 with 3 friends. He was trying his best, unable to make it. He was struggling and finding the way to get success in life. A quote from Steve JobsYou cannot connect the dots looking forward you can connect dots looking backward. He looked backward and considered his experience, his struggle and failures are the backward dots.

Fortune and Success

Try again and again, no one can stop you. Sandeep was fascinated about photography. In 2003 he did 10000 photo shots of 122 models in 10 hours and 45 minutes which became a world record. How to succeed in life was still away from him. He got his first client, when the client saw the photos of models in front of him. He gave an offer of Rs. 2,500 to Maheswari to scan and print it. Amount was shared equally between model and Maheswari.


If a photo can give Rs. 1250 was an idea that clicked on Maheswari’s mind. He started doing the collection of photo-shoots for Ready Ads. In the year 2006 Images Bazaar was launched with more than 1 Million collections of Indian Photos. A man who struggled and became an entrepreneur can be a good motivational for others. ImagesBazaar

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What People Think About You Is Not Important. What You Think About Yourself means Everything.

Sandeep Maheshwari Inspirational | MySoul Quotes

Stop Criticizing Yourself For Your Failures. Start Appreciating Yourself For Your Achievements.

Sandeep Maheshwari Inspirational Success Story | MySoul Quotes

If You Really Want To Be Successful Stop Worrying About What You Can Get And Start Focusing On What You Can Do.

Sandeep Maheshwari Inspirational & Life Quotes | MySoul Quotes

Meditation Should Not Be Torture. It Must Be Fun! Start Small. Five To Ten Minutes a Day Is a Great Start!

Sandeep Maheshwari Life Quotes | MySoul Quotes

Whenever You Feel Lonely, Start Enjoying The Company of the Most Wonderful Person On The Earth… “You”!”

Sandeep Maheshwari Inspirational & Life Quotes | MySoul Quotes

Learn To Control Your Thoughts Or Your Thoughts Will Control You.

Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes Hindi | MySoul Quotes

Success Always Hugs In Private But Failure Always Slaps You In Public. That’s Life.

Sandeep Maheshwari Inspirational & Life Quotes | MySoul Quotes

The Illusion Of Luck Disappears When We Start Seeing Things As They Actually Are.

Sandeep Maheshwari Inspirational & Life Quotes | MySoul Quotes

Success Is Not An Event, It Is a Thought Process.

Sandeep Maheshwari Inspirational & Life Quotes | MySoul Quotes

The Only Way To Clear Your Mind Is To Stay Grounded In Reality.

Sandeep Maheshwari Inspirational & Life Quotes | MySoul Quotes
Sandeep Maheshwari Inspirational & Life Quotes | MySoul Quotes

Sandeep Maheshwari More Videos On YouTube

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Motivational Stories

Sadhguru Quotes on Life, Yoga and Inner Engineering | MySoul Quotes




Sadhguru Quotes on Life, Yoga and Inner Engineering | MySoul Quotes

In September 1957, the son was born in a doctor’s house in Mysore, Karnataka. Like a normal child, his mind seems more in nature than in sports toys. He would often sit on a tall tree and enjoy the winds. When growing up, it was common for him to stay in the forest for a few days. Spontaneously goes into deep meditation. Returning home, the snakes would have filled in the bag. This child grew up and became known as Sadhguru. He actively participates in social work, environmental programs and educational programs. The Government of India has honored him with the Padma Vibhushan Award on 13 April 2017 for his contribution towards spirituality. As a child, he was attracted to nature. Due to which he started spending time in a forest near the house. During that time he developed a love for reptiles.

Practicing yoga at age 11

Sadhguru started practicing yoga at the playing age of 11 years. Whoever has learned yoga in a year, has been practicing them regularly since then. The girl with a zodiac sign took school education from Demonstration School in Mysore. Graduated in English Literature from University of Mysore.

In college days, he loved traveling on a motorcycle. As a result, he used to go for dinner with his friends at Chamundi Hill near Mysore.

Tried luck in business as well – He loved riding motorcycles during college days. He would often go to Chamundi Hill near Mysore with his friends for dinner. After completing college, Sadhguru also tried his luck in many types of business, including poultry farms, bricks. They also got good money from these works.

He Started Yoga Clasess – Gradually, his yogasanas became famous. His programs used to have more than 15,000 participants. He would donate the money collected from yoga classes. He established Isha Yoga Center in 1993, 10 years after starting his first yoga class in 1983. The center works with the International Bodies Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

He claimed that he had a feeling of spirituality on 23 September 1982 while sitting on a rock in Chamundi Hill. To learn more about mystical experiences, he traveled to different places and decided to share the inner experiences of meditation with people for a year. In the year 1983, he organized his first yoga class in Mysore followed by yoga classes in Karnataka and Hyderabad. Gradually, his yoga asanas became so popular that more than 15,000 participants started attending yoga programs.

He participated in the World Economic Forum in the year 2006, the year 2007, the year 2008, the year 2009 and also addressed the United Nations Millennium World Peace Summit in the year 2000.

In the same year, he also established a residential school called “Isha Home School” at the Isha Yoga Center near Coimbatore.

He conducts Mahasathasangas in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

In the year 2010, he led a group of 514 pilgrims to Mount Kailash.

The project, as an ecological initiative, saw more than 27 million trees planted in Tamil Nadu by over 2 million volunteers.

He organizes Mahashivratri festival annually at Isha Yoga Center.

In 2017, Isha Foundation launched a campaign called “Rally for Rivers” to revive India’s drying rivers. In consultation with scientists and experts in law, a policy was formulated with the aim of rejuvenating rivers, basins, ecology, agriculture and economy. On 2 October 2017, the draft policy was submitted to the Prime Minister after the conclusion of the rally in New Delhi.

On 24 February 2017, the statue was registered as the largest statue in the Guinness World Records.

He is likewise a capable artist and author, who has composed a few books in excess of eight unique dialects in English.

Such as – “Inner Engineering: A Yogi Guide to Joy”, “Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga and Fitness“, “Well Trons of Three Truth”, “Encountered the Enlightened”, “Mystic Musings”, “Blanket of Wisdom”, Tamil- “Athanayakam Asipudu”, “Anand Alai”, “Aayiram Jannal”, “Mondravathu Konam”, “Gyanathin Bramandam”, “Anakkev Oru Ragasiyam “,” Guru Thantha Guru “,” Konjam Amudham Konjam Vishwa “, in Hindi-” Yogi: The Maha Yatra of Sadhuru “,” Sage Se Srta Tak “,” Supernatural Knowledge of a Spiritual Guru “,” Self-knowledge: What is the end “, “Rah ki Phool”, Kannada – “Gyanodaya”, “Karunage Bhedavilla”, Telugu – “Gani Sanidhihilo”, etc.

His folklore is gathered in the book “Everlasting”, which communicates dedication, battle, love, request, aching and rapture. He has additionally propelled an English magazine called “Woods Flower”. Right now, sonnets are distributed with photos.

He is also a good architect, due to which he has designed all his ashrams. Sadhguru also participated in a famous documentary film – One: The Scott Carter, Ward M Power, directed by Diane Power.

Sadhguru Quotes on Life and Shivratri

Negative energies can’t touch you if you are in a state of meditation.

Sadhguru Quotes on Life, Yoga and Inner Engineering | MySoul Quotes

Frustration, discouragement, and depression mean that you are working against yourself.

Sadhguru Quotes on Life | MySoul Quotes

People try to create an outwardly perfect life, but the quality of life is based on the inward.

Sadhguru Quotes on Life | MySoul Quotes

When you absolutely throw yourself into your activity, your energy will only grow.

Sadhguru Quotes on Life , Yoga | MySoul Quotes

Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen.

Sadhguru Quotes Yoga | MySoul Quotes

Your thoughts and emotions are the drama that you create in your mind. You must be able to end it somewhere.

Sadhguru Quotes | MySoul Quotes

No work is stressful. It is your inability to manage your body, mind, and emotions that makes it stressful.

Sadhguru Quotes on Meditation , Yoga | MySoul Quotes

By going to the temple, mosque, or church, you do not become spiritual. You become spiritual only by turning inward

Sadhguru Quotes on Life , Yoga | MySoul Quotes

A snake knows more about what is happening around than any other creature, because it has no ears to listen to gossip, only direct perception.

Sadhguru Quotes on Life, Yoga and Inner Engineering | MySoul Quotes

The spine of knowledge that the Adiyogi created is the source of almost everything you can call spiritual on the planet’

Sadhguru Quotes on Shivratri, Yoga and Inner Engineering | MySoul Quotes

I want the world to know that the originator of yoga is the Adiyogi, Shiva himself’ 

Sadhguru Quotes on Inner Engineering | MySoul Quotes

The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.

Sadhguru Quotes Inner Engineering | MySoul Quotes

Too many people are hungry not because there is dearth of food. It is because there is dearth of love and care in human hearts.

Sadhguru Quotes on Yoga and Inner Engineering | MySoul Quotes

Don’t be dead serious about your life – it’s just a play.

Sadhguru Quotes on Life, Yoga and Inner Engineering | MySoul Quotes

The mind is a powerful instrument. Every thought, every emotion that you create changes the very chemistry of your body

Sadhguru Quotes on Life, Yoga and Inner Engineering | MySoul Quotes

To live and operate in the world, you may have to identify with something. Play with your identifications, don’t let them rule you.

Sadhguru Quotes on Life, Yoga and | MySoul Quotes

Once your life is your expression of blissfulness, you will not be in conflict with anyone.

Sadhguru Quotes on Life, Yoga and | MySoul Quotes
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Jay Shetty Inspirational Quotes & Success Story | Fearless Soul




Jay Shetty Quotes

Jay shetty Life – Everyone have a purpose in the world but there is everything that those who understand and those who do not know are always wandering restless.

Today’s story is of a boy who wandered in search of himself and finally found him, but how.

Friends, today this story begins of the same village, in 1987, in London, an Indian family had parents and the son named their son was jay shetty.

Jay was born in London. He was very shy, introvert and he was very clumsy (very fat) boy. So he is bullied a lot in school. But he ignores all these things with his two best friends. With whom he spent most of the time. When he comes in teen age he involves in negative things like taking drugs, jay wants to try every new things that’s why he crazy about new adventures thing and wants to wear fashionable cloths.

When he involve taking drugs that impact in society is very bad. He was lagging behind in his studies, but he could not explain anything to him nor could he understand what he wanted and these antics due to this, he was also suspended from school several times. All this went on for a few years. But now he had to understand the reality of his life.

Life Changing Moment – One day jay’s best friend died in an accident. He is not recovering of that incident. And again his another friend died in involve in gang violence. At that time jay’s age only 16 years old. These incident shaking jay’s internally and felt lost. He is not understood at that time what he do. Now he think everything is going to wrong with me. Now he felt like i am going to wrong direction in my life.

After all why do we come to this world to die like this? What should be the purpose of a human, all these questions made him restless and he started looking for answers after sometime when he was 18 year old… and one day some of his friend forcefully took him to the seminar. When the seminar was making a demand, when he saw that monk, he just kept looking and said that one word of that demand he felt descending inside him. Selfless Sacrifice.

And Now he came to know that his purpose in coming to this world is that a life. What he needs after that. He think life is Service then he completed in behavior science and moved to India to become a monk. He sold his suit and bought Gerua clothes and after shaving his head started living a monk life.

Monk Life Of Jay Shetty – Now he is 22yr old, now he waking up at 4:00am in the morning, taking a bath with cold water, than reading The Vedas and running a yoga course, eating that food and meditating for several hours without eating and passing Water several times to clean his mind

He used to spend half of the day in his daily routine to train his mind not to eat and drink water, and the rest of the time spent 3 years to help others, he has done many kinds of cooperation. After this, he came back to London and work for the next 9 months working in the company.

Achievement – For the next 9 months he updates Yourself according to the world. There are many old friends in London who were now working in a big company and were going through a lot of stress and then his friends approach jay for a speech in your company to chat with people from whatever I had learned as a platform and started giving people solutions to their problems, gradually started going digital and online. Engaged to guide Gon Some time later she was called.

 Arianna Huffington invite jay Shetty for new York Arianna Huffington is a very famous author and co-founder of (THE HUFFINGTON POST,) this is the news website Arianna Huffington offer to jay for the host of HUFFPOST, in 2016, when jay went to Newyork than he started a own video agency so that he can convey his message to people.

So friends he is Motivational Speaker, Story Teller, vlogger, viral content creator, Jay called his initiative wisdom goals viral. Jay’s following people around 4 million, than you saw.

That you finally took your existence and now they are living it.

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Life and time are the best two teachers. Life teaches us. to make good use of time and time teaches us the value of life. Jay Shetty.

Jay Shetty life| MySoul Quotes

Canceling plans to read is ok. Skipping a party for the gym is ok. staying home to cook is ok. let’s encourage it and respect self-improvement. – Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Quotes| MySoul Quotes

Never blame anyone if you got hurt by them because it was not their fault it was you who gave them the right to tear you apart. — Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Quotes| MySoul Quotes

Being positive doesn’t mean you don’t ever have negative thoughts. It just means you don’t let those thoughts control your life. – Jay Shetty Quotes

Jay Shetty Motivational Quotes| MySoul Quotes

Being happy for someone else’s success makes you happier. Go try it and stop being salty. – Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Love Quotes| MySoul Quotes

Don’t carry your mistakes around with you. instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones. – Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Relationship Quotes| MySoul Quotes

Don’t let someone be a priority when all you are to them is an option. – Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Success Story| MySoul Quotes

The best people to surround yourself with are the people that bring out the bestin you. – Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Quotes| MySoul Quotes

When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. when you’re great at something, they’ll tell you. – Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Quotes| MySoul Quotes

Stay around people who look more like your future than your past. — Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Monk | MySoul Quotes

You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Don’t stress. Master the day. Make this a daily reminder. — Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Quotes| MySoul Quotes

Some people love you but don’t tell you, Some people tell you but don’t love you. — Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Quotes| MySoul Quotes

We need to learn to accept apologies that we never received. — Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Monk | MySoul Quotes

When your focus is a success, and you don’t get your break it will break you. When your focus is service you’ll never need a break. because there are so many opportunities. – Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Monk image | MySoul Quotes

You Don’t know what you need in your life until you figure out who you are. — Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Monk | MySoul Quotes

People who care will ask you how you’re doing, People who love will wait until you tell the truth. — Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Story| MySoul Quotes

A Monk is simply a traveler, except the journey is inwards. – Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Monk Life | MySoul Quotes

Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world. Even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness. — Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Monk life | MySoul Quotes

Jay Shetty More Videos On Youtube Link (On Health & Relationship Radhi Shetty on Purpose with Jay Shetty

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Gaur Gopal Das Inspirational Quotes | MySoul Quotes

Gaur Gopal Das, a spiritual Religious & Motivational leader for our Youth. He was born in 24th December 1973 in Maharashtra, India. He is completed electrical engineering in 1995. and then he got the job in corporate sector, at Hewlett Packard. but the job didn’t satisfy him. So he decided to give away In 1996 he left Hewlett Packard and chose the path of Spirituality & self-confidence. and joined ISKCON. In 2018. Now he is one of the best author of Life’s Amazing Secrets. The Way of the Monk: How to Find Purpose, Balance, and Lasting Happiness.

“If Someone Chooses What they Love to do, There is no Stress in their life. As they say, ‘If you do what you love, You will never have to Work a day in your life

Gaur Gopal Das Quotes | MySoul Quotes

“If you want to change The way you feel, Change the way you Live”

Gaur Gopal Das Motivational Quotes | MySoul Quotes

“If you truly want to know how rich you are, drop a tear and see how many hands come to wipe that tear.”

Gaur Gopal Das Spiritual Quotes | MySoul Quotes

One who genuinely regrets for a mistake not only feels bad about it but is also willing to accept it’s a consequence and work hard to rectify it.” – Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das Motivational Leader | MySoul Quotes

“Self-discipline is about taking charge of your mind and directing it to act in the best interest of yourself.” – Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das | MySoul Quotes

“Love is less about emotions and feelings. it is more about taking responsibility to serve the beloved.” – Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das Quotes | MySoul Quotes

Who know you but
Don’t know God, will
Come to know God
Because they know you.

Gaur Gopal Das Quotes | MySoul Quotes

Say Sorry Before it is too Late Gaur Gopal Das heart touching,Inspirational Stories

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